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iDrafted is a Libertarian experiment. Built by Libertarians but designed for everyone...

We are reinventing the internet. Our model will push the limits of both freedom and privacy while allowing almost unlimited connectivity.

It's all about your choices and your actions.

We will make money by helping you (to make money, to have fun, to kill time, to cure cancer, or whatever you want to do).

As a private Liberty-minded company, we will never target you or sell information about you to others.

The website is a few weeks away from basic reactivation (with new project creation and member registration using our redesigned interface). Once active, we will grow/change dramatically for at least the next six months as planned components/stages are implemented.

iDrafted is designed to be a free market for ideas and we will have an economy. That means that we will have a [virtual] currency. iDrafted credits, called Lennies, will not be a cryptocurrency but we will strive to outperform fiat currencies by combining transparency and the free market. In other words, people will be able to buy, sell, trade or give Lennies at will.

Remember: Have Fun! Make money!

It's the iDrafted way... Lennie coins

*We fully expect to create a generation of iDrafted millionaires as people take advantage of early opportunities on the website (especially related to acquiring Lennies) but we also expect to see many future generations of wealthy iDrafted members as Libertarian ideas power real success by removing obstacles and expanding freedom.



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