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N.C. District 13 - Judge Napoleon B. Barefoot Jr. - Issues/Complaints

Complaints related to Napoleon B. Barefoot Jr. - District Court Judge of N.C. District 13 [Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus counties]

(910) 641-4488

This forum is designed to encourage judicial reform. Justice is a right of all citizens not just a privilege of the wealthy and powerful.

Please feel free to post any comments that reveal defects in judgment or abuse of power related to the commission listed above. We also encourage posting issues related to unjust laws (keep in mind that there is a difference between a bad law and a bad judge).

If you are bursting with emotion and feel a need to rant/rave, please feel free (add "RANT" as the first line of your post).

Be aware that most judges have a difficult job and they do well in most instances -- if a mistake was made, the best method of preventing future mistakes of a similar nature is adopting a calm, long-term resolution to correct the error and applying pressure on the judicial system through legitimate sources.

Also, be aware that any posts that are libelous or harassing are prohibited on this site - keep in mind during any rants that describing your feelings about injustices is fine, however, allegations of wrongdoing should be supported by facts.

-Obtain advise from an attorney regarding your legal options.
-Wait a few days before making public allegations.
-Avoid letting your passion make you sound crazed.
-Carefully list all the injustices that you feel occurred.
-Separate the facts from the feelings.
-Research and gather support for your facts and feelings.
-Determine which points are most important to you.
-Think about which points could be most effective at creating reform (and realize that these are not necessarily the same points that are most important to you).
-Pursue your legal options to the fullest extent reasonable.
-Complain to the Judicial Standards Commission (if appropriate) -- it appears unlikely that the Commission will take any action (this forum was created after two complaints were dismissed without further investigation that alleged a total of approximately 64 violations of the North Carolina Code of Judicial Conduct by a Chief District Court Judge in NC).
-The judiciary hates public attention drawn to its flaws.
-Make your feelings or arguments known to the local media - call an appropriate news radio or talk television program with your issues - write a letter to the editor to a local newspaper.
-Sticking to your talking points and using supported arguments will greatly increase the chances of affecting judicial behavior.
-Feel free to ask for help writing a complaint or letter to the editor.
-Don't give up until you feel satisfied that you have made a difference.

-NC Radio (by city)

-Links to N.C. Laws, Rules and other resources
-Legal Aid of N.C. (possibly free legal aid for individuals who can't afford an attorney)
-Judicial Standards Commission (complaints against NC judges)
-North Carolina Code of Judicial Conduct (right-click to save pdf)

Pro Se RESOURCES (for representing yourself):
-North Carolina General Statutes
-NC Civil Procedure
-NC Rules of Civil Procedure
-Local Court Rules (select your county)
-Appellate Rules (right-click to save pdf)

*please post the county/address/number of the courthouse/courtroom where the case was heard.
**posts commending the legal system and judicial action are also welcome.

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