My Reforms:

This section will allow users to easily coordinate activities based on shared views (as opposed to direct personal contacts). Activity on areas like the discussion boards is needed to provide the data required to establish these connections (therefore this area won't be developed until nearly last). Grassroots movements will be supercharged once this section is active.

User ID module is not active yet.
The My Reforms section at the left (UNITE, CREATE, PLAN, FORM and START) is designed to allow you to launch social movements with a few keystrokes.


UNITE for action:

  • This is the organizational phase of a group.
  • You can locate people with shared interests (their support or opposition to certain causes).
  • You can send out invitations to join current discussions.
  • You can keep the group updated on current news or relevant links.


CREATE a cause:

  • This is the formation phase of a movement.
  • This is the formal declaration of specific goals related to your group's shared interests.
  • You would send out invitations to join at this stage

PLAN an event:

  • This is the active phase of a movement.
  • You can set a date and pick a location for any sort of event that you can imagine.
  • You can also manage your RSVP's from this page.

*note: PLAN an event can be used independently or in combination with a "united" group or a "cause".

FORM a party:

  • Take your cause to the next level: form a political party.
  • Lay out the specific ideas and goals of your party.
  • Search for and \draft\ potential candidates for local, state, national elections...
  • Keep your base informed and inspired though direct contact and planned events.
  • Form pre-election and post-election coalitions with other parties.

START a protest:

  • This is an urgent social organization and mobilization category.
  • This is a standalone category that is designed to combine UNITE, CREATE and  PLAN in one fell swoop.
  • Swiftly organize people, define an issue and plan an event.