My Reforms:

This section will allow users to easily coordinate activities based on shared views (as opposed to direct personal contacts). Activity on areas like the discussion boards is needed to provide the data required to establish these connections (therefore this area won't be developed until nearly last). Grassroots movements will be supercharged once this section is active.

User ID module is not active yet.
The original version of the website was created with a focus on social and political reform. A custom discussion platform was created to allow complex issues to be promoted and discussed in "bite-sized" segments. The idea was to allow internet based (crowd-sourced) communication and resolution of practically any issue.

Shortly after the beta version of the website was online, the owner, Michelle [Tyll] Willets, had direct experience with judicial abuses within North Carolina. To address judicial oversight and reform, discussion topics were added specific to her issues and generally to provide oversight and review of the courts of North Carolina.

A suspect court order was used to pressure Network Solutions into suspending the original website.

The links on this page are embedded in the second generation of the original website and they allow navigation that simulates the original. Please feel free to explore the original topics.


A more complete discussion of the case leading to Network Solutions repressing Free Speech should be added soon.