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It's your page. Copy/paste photos or save notes here!

Feel free to edit, move, or resize virtually everything.

Main Areas

Main Areas are sections to your project/topic.

"General Entries" is the default main area.

TIP: Any main area can be broken out as a new tab and it will include all the responses below it (from the original page).  This allows you to organize multiple levels of projects (i.e. create a project of projects - e.g. a list of study groups and classes for a student) and to quickly shift from overview to extreme focus...

hide/show General Entries [2]

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by iDrafted

Clicking the main area link toggles the area between hidden and visible.

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by iDrafted

It also affects notes and other content that originated in that area...


hide/show Sub-replies [1]


TIP: Main areas are created by adding a title to a post.  This allows you to organize your project however you want...

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by iDrafted

Because main areas open and close, they limit clutter and allow you to focus on "what you want to see, when you want to see it"...




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