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Feel free to edit, move, or resize virtually everything.

What's in it for me?

Image result for vacation icon     iDrafted is about you.

It's a tool to do more.

As much as possible we allow you to do whatever you want.  It's completely different than the restrictive Social Media internet that has evolved over the past few years.  Most things on iDrafted aren't "always on the internet"*.  You get almost absolute control over what information you see and how you see it without leaving a trail into your personal life for anyone to follow.

*Most activity on iDrafted is stored solely on your computer/device.  We don't handle (or spy on) your data.  If you want to send something to the internet, you have to use a form (or specifically use your member account options).

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by iDrafted

You get to be yourself.

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by Funnyman

Fish Biscuit
"You got yourself a fish biscuit"!

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by iDrafted

Image result for money icon     Competitively, people who learn to use iDrafted will be more productive and more successful than those who don't.

It's different.  The layout is simple because it's a blank canvas (for you to build whatever YOU want).

iDrafted reclaims control of the internet for the individual.  It allows you to do more with less. The only limit is your imagination...

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by iDrafted

What's in it for me???


iDrafted provides a forum for fun and productivity.  You can do whatever you want (within the law).

You aren't locked into our structure/guidelines.  We empower yours...

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by iDrafted

Your time is money.

Social media makes money on you.  We will empower you to make money from your time spent on the internet.  It doesn't matter whether your goofing off or working hard, your activity improves our website.  We created our virtual currency (Lennies) to make sure that you are rewarded for your efforts.

Your time, your money.

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by iDrafted

Just as with Bitcoin or other rapidly appreciating "opportunities", early participants make the most with less effort.

With iDrafted, there is no risk, only rewards.  We don't sell Lennies, we award them based on your efforts (using published rates/standards).

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by iDrafted

Crowd Equity
The era of crowd equity is beginning.  This means that even tiny efforts on your part can and should be rewarded with an ownership interest in whatever product, service, or idea you assisted.  The primary purpose of our projects/topics is to allow us to track contributions and make sure you are paid for your efforts if/when they start to create income.  We don't care if you're owed one dollar or $1,000,000; it's our job to make sure you get paid for your time on iDrafted!

On iDrafted, practically everything you do has the potential to make you money (eventually)...

That's why we say: 

Have Fun! Make money!

It's the iDrafted way...

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by iDrafted

Your Passions support you!
It doesn't matter whether your passion is fashion, engineering, art, writing, or anything else...

The things that interest you generate money for someone.  If you use iDrafted, that someone includes you.

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by iDrafted

Our ultimate goal is to empower "the crowd".  This means we will empower you to join with people who share interests while maintaining privacy.  This will allow people to support their passions while maximizing the ability of harvesting income from those efforts.

e.g. You love a T.V. show that is cancelled.  You form a topic to buy rights to the show and produce it independently for Netflix, etc.  Enough people join you to make it a reality (and eventually you get income from your efforts and you now own a piece of your favorite show)...

[It doesn't have to end there.  For instance, you could also host a crowd-sourced script section.  If you contributed to scripts that were used, you would be due a portion of the royalties for that as well.  The same concept could apply to every level of production.]




Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our terms.

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