Click or tap here then click/tap again where you want this moved (top/left corner).
Clear everything.
Push Pin:
Pin the note to the note area
Tack the note to a specific part of the page.
Stick the note to a specific part of the screen (like it's taped from the outside).
Save or restore important data.
Lock and unlock the work area. Unlocked means you can edit it. Locked can't be changed and the links become live.
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It's your page. Copy/paste photos or save notes here!

Feel free to edit, move, or resize virtually everything.

Your Page

iDrafted makes the internet your own.

The logo/header is very simple (and editable by default) so you can customize it.

You can replace "" with "Jean's Page" or "Joe's Pool Hall" or you can drag/drop a family picture or a meme from the internet to create a custom experience in each tab*.

*Anything you do to the Header or the top Logo area with stay that way (between any page refresh or topic change) until you close the tab.  This means you can have multiple recurring page layouts simply by opening multiple tabs.

hide/show General Entries [2]

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by iDrafted

Image result for easter egg logo     Several areas of iDrafted allow for hidden content.

For example, you can fill a note with a message and/or image and hide it behind the right side (logo area).  People would only see it when you wanted [to toggle the right side (hit the "X" or '<" at the top right corner of the page)].

The main note at the top of the page is hidden by default.  This note saves for this tab and you can hide or show it by clicking the second icon on the main icon bar.  You can keep private/personal notes here or leave a secret message for a friend.

There are also a couple of "Easter eggs" throughout the site.  For example, some text areas default to the same color text and background.  This allow someone to type a message that is only revealed when the text is highlighted...

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by iDrafted

TIP: You can also drag notes over notes to create layered and/or hidden messages.




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Normal notes save until the tab is closed. Saved notes save until you purge your browser cache.


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