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Election Reform: Candidate Selection

Image result for vote iconIn #Election2016, I ran a virtual campaign for President as an Independent.  Originally this was a meant as a test of our electoral system (to further future Independent campaigns generally).  As the 2016 campaign season progressed, I realized that practically anyone (including me) was a better candidate than those being offered (on all sides) as serious candidates.

At the time of the 2016 campaign season, my wife and I were caring for my mother (who had a 16+ year battle with Dementia) as she entered her final days...

As the real need for serious candidates became clearer, my perspective on duty to serve sharpened and my wife and I committed a great deal to actually seek the Libertarian Party's nomination.  What we found is that even the L.P. fails in the candidate selection process.

Libertarian ideas support free markets and there is effectively no free market for candidates to rise (in any major party).

How do we change this???

I have some ideas based on actual experience but a crowd-sourced solution will certainly be better.

I built this platform ( as media and communication is almost certainly the foundation of any reform solution.  As this website is now limping along (in early beta), I invite all comers to contribute to a solution for this very real problem.

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by Joey Berry

This website is built on Freedom.  Right now that freedom is fairly black and white.  You have the freedom to post as a guest whether you are logged in or not.

Note- Guest posts are currently public domain and anyone may edit them or even claim ownership (to prevent future editing).  A slightly more democratic crowd-sourced editing method should be coming soon (but this project will likely remain a no-holds-barred public/private forum).

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by Joey Berry

This was created with "Submit as Guest" checked under Ownership/Viewing options.  Meaning anyone can edit and/or take ownership of this post.

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by Joey Berry

Note- Posts made while logged in are owned by you (and can only be permanently edited by you unless you make them public by posting as a guest or making your post crowd-sourced).

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by Joey Berry

iDrafted is designed as an engine to help YOU accomplish YOUR goals.  It gives you power over the internet.  

You can edit, move, delete, or overwrite practically everything on any page (for your own benefit - it doesn't overwrite the actual project).  You can drag/drop or copy/paste practically anything or any page on the internet into your notes or add it to your posts (to permanently embed it in the page).  You also have a virtually unlimited ability to add both permanent and temporary notes to the page.

Freedom on the internet appears to be an foreign concept (at least to Silicone Valley).  We are all about freedom so our layout and our options will likely seem strange at first.  For more information on the basics of this website, check out the link below:


hide/show Free Market for Candidates

Free Market for Candidates

Free Markets work.

At one time communities were small enough for people to actually know each other (and for the selection of candidates to be more natural)...

I suspect any real reform of our candidate selection process will involve empowering the most direct/local contacts to draft and/or support "good" candidates (and to screen out "bad" candidates).

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by Joey Berry

I suspect community is the key to election reform generally and candidate selection specifically.  However, it may be virtual community (which reflects people we associate with by choice rather than by proximity)...

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This is an area to post general suggestions about election reform and candidate selection.  

Note- If you have a specific idea you want to discuss, just give it a title (and post it as a reply to the main topic); it will appear as its own main area.




Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our terms.

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