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Kidney Stone Prevention

I have been battling kidney stones for a few years now, but it's always been mild "bouts", up until a few months ago...
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by Michelle

Kidney Stone (Prevention)

At first, I would either have a dull ache in one of my kidneys or a very sharp pain, followed by lesser pain.  

Now it's seems it's always sharp pain and then a few days later the stone tries to pass...  

Then comes the pain that stops me in my tracks.  It feels like waves of pain crashing down (in the urethra).
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I am, however, very lucky because I'm able to deal with this here at home and not have to seek medical attention.  

The following posts are some helpful "tips" that have worked for me.  Please feel free to add your own stories or replies.  Any feedback is welcome!

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by Michelle


The first thing I do when I start feeling any (kidney/bladder/urethra) pain is to mix up a home remedy.  The following "recipe" is NASTY tasting, but it seemed to work for me.

1 oz  - Apple Cider Vinegar
2 oz -  Lemon Juice (I use the lemon in the glass bottle or squeeze bottle, but fresh is always better if you have it.)
2 oz -  Olive Oil (I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but according to my research, any Olive Oil will work.)

Mix together and drink.  I usually feel some relief within a few hours.
          Image result for apple cider vinegar icon Image result for small lemon iconImage result for olive oil icon

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by Michelle


Water, Water, Water!!!
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After all the research I've done, the one thing everyone agrees on - Drink more WATER!  

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by Michelle

Lemon juice is supposed to help in prevention of kidney stones.  It is full of natural citrate that helps to inhibit the stones. 
                                                                                  Image result for lemon icons

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by Michelle

Speaking of lemon...

I found crystallized lemon at the dollar store (located in the powdered drinks section).  It's great if you don't have access to fresh lemon juice.  It comes in a portable packets and one packet = taste of one lemon wedge.  

Image result for true lemon

Btw - If your interested in more tips, scroll down and click...


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More Tips

Stop drinking soda?   ?? Image result for cola icons

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by Michelle

Kidney Stone Prevention
There is debate as to whether or not soda causes kidney stones.  Some "experts" say that it is the dark colored sodas that contain phosphoric acid (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer) that can contribute to kidney stones.

Other experts claim that drinking Ginger ale, 7 Up, Mountain Dew, Orange soda, etc. are okay because they contain citric acid and citric acid helps to battle kidney stones.

Others then say that it's the sugar sweetened sodas that may be the problem and then other studies show that it's the diet sodas that are bad ???????

What to do?

For me, it's moderation.  
Less soda, more water and continue finding healthy alternatives.

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by Michelle


What can help?   Image result for help icon

Various sites recommend different "remedies"  to help battle kidney stones. 

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by Michelle


Besides water and lemon juice, the following may help:

Pomegranate Juice - can lower acidity levels.
Basil Juice - contains acetic acid which helps break down kidney stones. 
Apple Cider Vinegar - contains acetic acid.
Celery Juice - thought to clear away toxins that contribute to kidney stones.
Kidney Bean Broth - can help to dissolve and flush out stones.
Dandelion Root Juice - helps with overall digestion.
Wheatgrass Juice - can increase urine flow to help pass stones.
Horsetail Juice - can increase urine flow to help flush out the kidneys.

For a more detailed description, go to:
(this is useful, especially if you take medication)

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Add links/resources to herbal products (or reviews) below...

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by Joey

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by Anonymous

Looking at other herbal options:

Item Description



Item Price




Total Price

Herb Pharm Stone Breaker Urinary System Restoration
Herb Pharm Stone Breaker Urinary System Restoration -- 1 fl oz
SKU #090900000309
Herbs Etc. Kidney Tonic™
Herbs Etc. Kidney Tonic™ -- 1 fl oz
SKU #765704108017
Amazon Therapeutic Labs Stone Breaker Chanca Piedra
Amazon Therapeutic Labs Stone Breaker Chanca Piedra -- 1 fl oz
SKU #838451002614
Nature's Way Kidney Bladder
Nature's Way Kidney Bladder -- 100 Capsules
SKU #033674001103




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