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Campaign Reform: Victory without Fame/Fortune

The flawed concept that a political candidate requires fame and/or fortune prior to consideration as a serious candidate appears to be the cancer eating at the core of our political system.

     Image result for tv popularity icon

This anti-Libertarian concept was very prevalent at the Libertarian National Convention in 2016.  Often expressed forcefully and without shame by people claiming to support freedom and Free Markets...

In an unprecedented era of mass communication, the concept that good ideas and good candidates can't rise during a campaign should be ridiculed.  It should also be recognized as a mantra of the status quo (and a toxin for 3rd parties, Independents, and reform-minded individuals).

We have the freedom to allow Hollywood to control our entertainment but to embrace only what is popular in our politics is to reject freedom and reform in our daily lives...

So the question becomes: How do we reform our political system to limit the need for fundraising and to maximize the message/content of all candidates?

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by Joey Berry

We are going to refine ideas for reform right here.  This is only a framework for the first step.  We'll begin to implement reforms within other projects.  You can interact as much or as little as you desire...


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In 2016, I started with a zero fundraising platform to test the limits of media (especially social media).

The conclusion was that media largely fails in what its role should be...

Modern communication and interconnection could almost completely eliminate the need for fundraising in successful campaigns but that won't happen without overcoming bias in media, encouraging coverage of unknown candidates, and developing ideas/methods of communicating and fairly rating ideas (especially via social media) when many people don't want reality in their politics...

The alternative to fundraising is clearly communication (via modern connectivity).  The question is: How do we make this modern asset level the (horrifically distorted) playing field?




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