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Election Reform: Candidate Resources

During the 2016 campaign, there was an obvious lack of effective tools for Independents and 3rd party candidates.

Everything from organization, volunteer recruitment, message delivery, two-way communication, to candidate-to-candidate collaboration was lacking.

Many of these issues are fairly easy to address with technology (and would be virtually free for future campaigns).

Please post you ideas on needful candidate resources and ways to create them below.

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3rd party and Independent candidates don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Many of us don't necessarily want the job.  Standing for election is a duty...

This means we can benefit from interacting with other candidates even if they hold different views.  If we aren't afraid of the best ideas winning elections (as in a Free market), we can share in ways that benefit everyone.

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by Joey Berry

Candidate-to-Candidate Forums
One thing that was missing in 2016 was an effective forum for candidates to share their ideas, issues, technical/logistical problems (and solutions), et cetera.

Candidate-to-candidate forums are a basic tool that is necessary for 3rd party and Independent candidate success.  Its part of the reason why I made this website work the way it does...

The ability to communicate freely is often hindered by public/political distortions of your message (or of your "private" communications).  iDrafted allows you to post anonymously or using aliases so candidates can interact without risking their entire campaign.  You can post "stupid" questions or test "radical" ideas without having it haunt you forever like it would on Twitter, Facebook, et cetera.

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by Joey Berry

Independents and 3rd party candidates can and should join forces.

The biggest obstacle to reform is the (very effective) divide and conquer strategy of the existing political elite.  Even if your message is freedom and individuality, you don't have to go it alone...




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