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2 Stunts in the routine

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by Mrs. Berry

2 Stunts

Teach students how to safely preform 2 easy stunts

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by Mrs. Berry

Stunt 1 - Carrying/Cradling

Students will be in groups of two or three.

Groups of 2:
Stronger students can pick up smaller students and "hold them like a baby" while spinning in circle.

Groups of 3:
2 students face each other, hold hands and cross arms.  Smaller student sits on crossed arms, places their hands/arms around the neck of bases; students then spin in circle.

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by Mrs. Berry

Stunt 2

2 bases/1 flyer/1 spotter

2 bases face each other and kneel on one knee (90 degree angle with leg) toe to toe.
Flyer (with spotter behind and hands on waist) stands on the legs of the bases and puts feet into "pockets".
Bases then wrap arms around legs of flyer and spotter continues to hold.
Strike final pose (hands in air)
Bases grab hand of flyer and help them step down/spotter then releases and moves back,
Bases then stand up.




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