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Joey Berry is currently seeking nomination as the Libertarian Presidential Candidate. The 2016 campaign is designed to test the boundaries of social media and we are intentionally mounting a zero fundraising campaign to see how far and how fast real citizens with actual qualifications can rise in major elections without the corrupting influence of the largest two political parties and the continuous fundraising process. In the long-run most successful campaigns will likely need to engage in some form of fundraising, and, if necessary, we will switch to a micro-fundraising platform (with donations of $20 or less) as the least corrupting option. However, we plan to run a zero fundraising campaign for as long as possible.


Joey Berry's Key points:

  • Born in 1972 = able to relate to older and younger citizens.
  • Educational background in Political Science and Computer Science.
  • Professional background in clerical, warehouse, shipping, office management, business, retail management, and industrial mechanical, electrical, HVAC and boiler contracting.
  • Personal background in healthcare (caregiver), website design, political analysis, defense of individual liberties, judicial reform, and correction of entrenched injustice.
  • Politically conservative and libertarian with emphasis on serving the needs and desires of the people over imposing personal views on others.
  • Zero connection to staus quo politics and the Democratic or Republican parties.

*This is what a real candidate/campaign looks like when honesty is placed higher than image and polish. This campaign will be shaped by the American people; we are not slaves to political consultants and the poll of the moment. We are human so you should expect some mistakes. Try to judge us by how we correct our mistakes rather than listening to our opponents and typical political distortions. In other words, try to look for common sense rather than political perfection. You may be in for a pleasant surprise.

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